Online Network Marketing Tools That Can Boost Your Business and Profit

Tools make our lives easier. If you need a nail in wood, you use a hammer. If you need to peel carrots, you use a peeler. If you need to clean your rug, you use a vacuum cleaner. Tools are wonderful things. They can even be used to help you in network marketing. Let’s take a look at some tools you can use on the internet.

The Internet As A Whole

The internet allows you to connect with millions of people, from all areas of the world. This tool allows you to position yourself to be found by people looking for what you offer and gives you the ability to promote whatever you like. The internet is changing the way network marketing is done forever.


Websites are where you drive your traffic to. They can do much of the mundane tasks such as selling, telling and explaining all in one place. This allows you focus on more important areas of your business, like talking to prospects. A key website you want to have in place is a landing page. This page is used to obtain the contact information of your visitor. These will be leads and prospects for your business.

Auto Responders

Network marketing is all about relationships. An auto responder allows you to continually build a relationship with your leads and prospects over time, completely automated. An auto responder is a web service that stores your leads in a database and sends out messages at predetermined intervals of your choosing. You can communicate with your leads and prospects 24/7 without you actually talking to them. *Hint, this also allows them to be pre-qualified before you talk to them.

Marketing Websites

There are tons of websites on the internet that fulfill the function of driving traffic to your website. These can be free or paid advertising sites. Whatever you call them, they are excellent tools to help get people to your websites.

Important To Remember

Although these internet tools give you a large degree of leverage and make lead generation very easy you cannot forget network marketing is still about relationships. So you will still have to get on the phone and connect with people. You will still have to be genuine and provide lots of value. You will still have to help other people.

If you look at what the majority of network marketers are doing, it is easy to see why so many are struggling. All they do is run around telling anyone and everyone about how great their business is and how they should join. If you are able to use the internet tools and still build relationships you will experience success in this industry. As a matter of fact, more and more people have finally had results because they came online and positioned themselves to be found by serious people. You can’t hassle everyone you know and expect to actually sponsor people.

So if you are in network marketing and want to make your job a little easier, then use these internet tools to save you time and put your message in front of millions!

Your Twitter Advertising and Marketing Plan Part One – Twitter Username

You may know by now that you should use your real name, not your business name as your twitter name. But uh oh – with millions of users joining every day what if your name is taken? Wait a sec, back up. I almost forget to tell you one of the most important aspects of your twitter name: the shorter the better.

Why? Because you want to encourage as many re-tweets as possible. OK I did I lose you again? A “re-tweet” just means when someone repeats your message to their list. It looks like this “RT @lkr Bolder is better!”

Let’s break that down… RT is short for “retweet”. Then we have the name of the original tweeter with an @ sign in front of it, in this case @lkr. Then the original message copy and pasted verbatim. Ta-da! The anatomy of a re-tweet. Easy peasy huh? But I got off track… I was talking about your twitter name.

You see your twitter name needs to be SHORT because people only have 140 characters to retweet in, including your twitter name. Kinda unfair huh? But that’s just how it is. And because of that shorter is better. So what if your name is taken? What if your name is Henrietta-Marie McFalingersworth? WHAT ON EARTH TO DO? Well let me walk you through a few examples.

One popular solution is the first name plus initials. My pal Elizabeth Potts-Weinstein (while being a lovely person) has the misfortune of a too-long-for-twitter name. So she choose @ElizabethPW instead. I’m another example, choosing my initials @lkr as my twitter name. (But unfortunately I believe all the three letter twitter names have now been taken. Yeah I am just showing off my cred as a too-cool early adopter!)

There are many ways to shorten your name but I suggest going with ONE of your names in full and the rest initials. So if you go by Anna Burleson Perez choose AnnaP, AnnaBP, ABPerez, APerez, etc. Don’t get all crazy on me and choose something like AnnaBurP. It’s confusing. Also, you just named yourself Anna Burp.

Another clever trick for choosing your twitter name is to go with something that combines your business/profession with your name. I suggested that my friend Liz Dennery Marks (another too-long-for-twitter-name – what is with you gals with the two last names!) go with SheBrandLiz which combines her company name (SheBrand) with her first name (Liz). A word of caution here – make sure you want to stick with the business name or profession that you choose. Don’t be VideoJoe if you think you might move your business into audio instead. You will forever be “branded” in people’s minds with your twitter name, so choose carefully.

If you’ve already chosen a twitter name that you now realize – let’s be honest – is a big ol’ pile of poo it’s not too late! Just go into your settings to change your name and everything will be automatically updated for you, and you will remain on the list of everyone who is following you under a new name.

Online Internet Business- Internet Marketing Tips For Newbies

If you are a newbie just starting out in business then there are a few things that you should work on because in no time with the correct amount of work and the correct amount of direction you can be making a really good living in no time. This is true when it comes to internet marketing. Some things to remember when just starting out is to not give up. As easy as this sounds so many marketers find it a little harder then what they assumed and just simply give up.

The number one way to start making fast cash online is through the power of freelancing. I love freelancing so much because this gives me a chance to do work for someone and make a profit really fast. If you can write articles then you can make money, if you know product creation then you can make money. If you can do SEO then you can make money, If you can build websites then you can make money. This is why I love internet marketing through the power of freelancing so much because you can make so much money, and fast!

One good way to drive traffic to your affiliate page , or your blog, or your product is through the power of article marketing. The best way to do that would be to select 30 keywords and write 2 articles per keyword. Once those are done then you can begin to submit them to the various article directories and generate traffic to your website which mean more sales and more money for you.